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Calder Vale St John C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore



Calder Vale St John’s Primary School is a small, village primary school offering pupils amazing opportunities to ‘Grow Achieve & Explore‘ in a beautiful rural environment.

Because we are so small, we can:

  • create an environment that fosters empathy and positive well-being in a way that larger schools never could
  •  offer our learners flexible learning opportunities that are tailored to their individual needs and interests
  • forge a curriculum that exactly matches the needs of our learners and which can change a grow along with them


At Calder Vale St. John's our children have a strong sense of connection. They mix with children of all year groups and learn to relate to people of all ages. They make friends based on interests and maturity rather than being limited to those who are the same chronological age. No child slips through the cracks - their social, emotional and learning needs are known by all our staff and the quirky little characteristics that make them special are really appreciated. We believe that the strong sense of community that we have created is vitally important in developing a child's resilience and can be a protective factor against mental health issues. When children have a feeling of belonging, they can breathe out and relax, and get on with the business of learning and thriving.


Our high teacher to pupil ratio means that classteachers have time to ensure that your child's learning program is pitched at a level where they are challenged but feel safe and supported. With smaller numbers of children there is much more opportunity for collaborative, hands on activities that bring learning to life.


Parent contact with the teacher is easy in our small school and there is a real partnership between our families and our staff. There is a real sense of community ownership - our parents and carers are truly engaged and that engagement is channelled into great learning.


If you think that our school might be the place for your child to begin or continue their school journey, please get in touch, we would be delighted to show you around our fabulous school.


Mrs. Rebecca Scholz - Headteacher

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