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Calder Vale St John C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore

Our Curriculum Map

Please find below a link to our Bluebell Class Curriculum Map. This shows what subject areas we will be covering each term. This is a working document. Each new topic helps us learn more about our children - how they learn, what their prior knowledge and skills are and what they are interested in. Mrs. Bowden will up date the map each half term to show:


- any prior knowledge the class needed to revise, before beginning a new topic. The National Curriculum assumes that every child has the same amount and type of general knowledge. We know that every child has had different life experiences and chances to learn and this means that there may be things they need to know or revise before beginning a new area of learning. 


- any additions to the curriculum we have made based on the children's ideas, knowledge and experiences. We are keen to spot opportunities to extend our learning beyond the National Curriculum when some of our children are experts in a particular area or show a particular aptitude for something. We love it when the children's interests and enthusiasms take the curriculum in a new direction!


- any enhancement activities we have taken part in to further our knowledge, understanding and enjoyment.