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Calder Vale St John C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore


We are very proud of our latest inspection report. Please see the extract below:


Teachers and other adults have high expectation of pupils and a detailed knowledge of each individual’s strengths and areas for development. They use this knowledge well to plan learning. Teachers and other adults use questioning effectively to probe pupils’ understanding and develop their abilities to explain confidently the reasoning behind their answers.

The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and ensures that pupils acquire knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Pupils have many opportunities to widen their horizons to learn about the diverse culture of modern Britain. The outdoor environment is well developed to stimulate learning for pupils of all ages.

The school’s provision for children in the early years is strong because of the quality of teaching they receive. Staff use their detailed and meticulously maintained records of children’s achievement well to guide their planning. Children in the early years, including those in the Nursery, learn seamlessly alongside their older peers who are in key stage 1 because activities are well matched to their abilities and interests. Children gain much from the effective use of outdoor learning, particularly the use of the extensive school grounds that stimulate, excite and intrigue them in their learning. Consequently, children make good progress from their starting points, particularly in their development of linguistic, social and mathematical skills. The school is at the heart of the community and you and the staff have excellent relationships with parents and other local childcare providers. You also ensure that pupils learn beyond their immediate community. Pupils have a good understanding of fundamental British values, including understanding the rule of law, democracy and a range of other faiths and beliefs, because of the teaching and experiences provided for them. As a result, pupils are well prepared to be citizens in modern Britain.

Parents overwhelmingly support the school and recognise the positive impact teaching and high-quality care have on their children’s learning.

Pupils feel safe in school and enjoy their school life. They have a good understanding of the different types of bullying and say it is rare. Pupils are confident that teachers will deal effectively with any concerns they may have. School records show that pupils’ behaviour is well managed in school. Younger members of the school are well cared for by staff and their older peers. This kind and caring behaviour exemplifies the school’s core Christian ethos.