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Calder Vale St John C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore


What are Science lessons like in our school? 


In our school we provide a personalised science curriculum which meets our children needs. We aim to inspire our young scientists to explore their natural curiosity about God’s world by encouraging them to think like a Scientist. Children are Scientist. We enable them to ask questions, predict, observe, identify, research, test, evaluate and make conclusions. This ensures children develop their scientific knowledge and skills. Our school ethos creates a safe environment where children experience purposeful teaching with an emphasis on real-world connections, creating engaged and resilient young scientists.


In Science lessons:


The pre-teaching of vocabulary enables our pupils to use subject specific knowledge with confidence.

Pupils are introduced to the work of scientist past and present as a means of evaluating the impact of science on daily life and the wider world.

Children ask questions about God's world around them.

The children are practical, active and creative learners who love thinking like scientists.

They work, discuss and investigate together, they use their scientific knowledge and prior knowledge to be independent learners who love a challenge. 

It is important that the children value each others ideas and are happy to hypothesis and change their opinions as they learn.