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Calder Vale St John C of E Primary School

Grow, Achieve, Explore

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Willow Class became agronomists (which is an expert in soil health). They investigated soil samples from Wales, Nottingham, Caton and Heysham. They discovered that half of soil is made up of water and air and the other half are minerals from broken down rock and a small amount of organic matter. Did you know that it takes up to 500 years to make 2cm of soil! 

We love big write, we were writing a diary entry for the spider or the fly

Fencing - the children have been learning the skills for Foil Fencing in an after school club

Willow Class haven taken part in a weaving workshop. Erika from Erika’s Textile Workshop did a fantastic job of guiding the children who very quickly mastered weaving with looms and loading up the shuttles. The children have loved creating our woven wall hanging.

Willow Class have loved forest school this afternoon, first they had to make small repairs to their existing dens, next they went on a bug hunt and found all sorts of mini-beasts including slugs, wood lice, worms and spiders. They even found an amethyst deceiver mushroom, thankfully it is not poisonous. They ended their afternoon with a campfire, warm hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

Willow Class explored their school grounds and collected evidence for their nature diaries. They recorded what they could hear, smell, touch and see.

Forest School 

On our first week back we were very keen to get back into the forest for Forest School. We love exploring the forest area and we found two tiny toads. It was amazing to see them jump so high! We noticed the changes to the forest over the summer and some children decided to be fungi spotters. We found mushrooms on the forest floor and some fungi growing on the trees. We even found some dead mans fingers! (This is a type of black fungi which looks like fingers) At the end of the session we made a camp fire and toasted marsh mallows and chocolate bread. What a fun time we had!